Boarding Requirements:

You must bring in a shot record showing that your pet is current on the following vaccinations or we can vaccinate your pet for you:



Kennel Cough

Feline Distemper



Cats have their own private “Cat Room”, which keep them separated from the dogs so they will be more at ease.  The cages, called “Kitty Condos,” have a pass through door so companion cats can visit with each other during their stay.   Single cats will have a spacious “suite” instead of being in a single cage. 

Compassionate care

Dog Kennels

Dog & Cat Boarding

Kitty Condos

The dog kennels vary in size to accommodate dogs of all sizes. If you have companion dogs, they can be kept in the same run if you prefer.  Additional services include:

  • Walking dogs in a fully enclosed fenced-in area

  • Bathing dogs before their pick-up time

  • Treating dogs with special needs, such as diabetics, etc.

  • Performing medical procedures (such as teeth cleaning or spaying/neutering) while your dog or cat boards with us